Upcoming Events!

Hi everyone! Here’s some information on a few of upcoming events
1. R2R Networking Event

Date: October 9, 6-7:30PM (This Thursday)

Location: The National Club (on Bay Street)

Fee: $5

Eligibility: You need to have paid your membership. Check our office hours to visit our office and register for membership or at the event venue.

Dress Code: Smart / Business Casual

RSVP by replying to this e-mail 11:59PM Tuesday with your name and phone number!

2. Membership

Fee:  $10 Yearly (school-year basis)
 – Networking Opportunities
 – External Volunteer Opportunities
 – Opportunity to attend a Friday Lunch at Fairmont Royal York Hotel – Rotary Club of Toronto’s meeting
 – Rotaract Pin after 3 attendances
 – Rotaract T-shirt for external volunteering events
How: Come to our meeting or one of our office hours!

3. Trick-or-Eat

Going door-to-door and collecting donations of canned goods!
Volunteers needed in areas of:
 – Advertising
 – Transportation (Cars?)
 – Creating posters
 – Dispersing posters in neighbourhood of High Park
If you are interested, send us an e-mail and which area you want to help out with!
4. Rotary District Conference

Join this year’s conference and meet Rotarians & Rotaractors in more than 50 clubs in GTA region! Various informative workshops and social events are waiting for you!

Date: October 24-26
Location: Westin Prince Hotel, 900 York Mills Road, Toronto
Fees: Varies from $100 – $340 (one day pass, entire 3-day, etc.)
E-mail us if you are interested in attending or finding more information about it.
5. Office Hours

Come to our office hours at 21 Sussex Court, #403 and chat with us!
You can also sign up for membership and inquire about events!

Monday: 12pm-1pm (Samson)

Tuesday: 11am-12pm (Mengxi)

Wednesday: 5pm-6pm (Reema)

Thursday: 12pm-1pm (Souleik)

4pm-5pm (Ted)

5pm-6pm (Sylvia)

Our 2014-2015 Election Results!

Elections Results!

Treasurer: Samson Belette
International Service Director: Sylvia Mwangi
Professional Development Director: Mengxi Shen
Communications Director: Souleik Kheyre
Membership Officer: Daniel Feng

As stated in our position descriptions we will follow our club tradition where the current vice president (Ted Heejoon Shin) becomes the president, and the current president and vice president select the incoming vice president (Reema Sabrina Gowani).

Any vacant positions will be filled over the summer through an application process. I have attached a photo of the transition.

Congratulations to our new exec team and see you at Changeover!Image



UofT Rotaract 2014-2015 Candidate Statements


Samson Belette

Over the past few weeks since joining the Rotaract club, I’ve been trying to get a feel for what the club stands for and whether or not it is something I want to be a part of. What I’ve found is a club which changed my worldview so to speak, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of community service and the central role of leadership when it comes to professional development. I not only hope to continue this learning experience in the coming years but also to contribute back into it. As a finance student, I would love the opportunity to leverage what expertise I have in managing the finances of our wonderful Rotaract this coming year!

Daniel Xuliang Feng

 Hi, I am Daniel, 3rd Accounting student in Rotman Commerce. I knew of this club through recommendations from my friends who are members of Rotaract. The open and friendly culture of the club, together with the all year around events really interest me, while I am more than happy to join and serve this club in this upcoming year! I would like to utilize my accounting skill that I gained from school and previous work experiences to assist Rotaract’s growth as a treasurer. My previous school involvement as a peer mentor for FLC would also be an asset for club budgeting and fund organizing.

Please vote for me and I won’t let you down!

Thank you!

Communications Director:

Souleik Kheyre

I have served on the University of Toronto’s Rotaract Club executive board as the 2013-2014 Communications Director. During this year I have learned a lot about Rotaract, and have gained a deeper connection with the club and my fellow members. I was able to conduct various communications initiatives such as, redesigning our club website, updating our twitter and connecting with Rotaractors from all over the world. I was able to develop my graphic design skills by creating posters for our events throughout the year. I also implemented a Communications Style-Guide in order to achieve a professional yet fun platform for the public on our various social networks. I really enjoyed this position, and I am hoping to be re-elected for this term. I am hoping to continue on the plans I have for our communications committee such as creating new business cards, newsletters highlighting our achievements and a new photo boards for our clubs day fair. I am really enthusiastic and excited to embark on a new journey with the Rotaract team for 2014-2015.

International Service Director

Sylvia Mwangi

Tired of feeling guilty since your busy schedule does not allow you to spend time in service of the community? Well, one of my top priorities would be to champion for more opportunities that would give the members of the Rotaract Club freedom to share their time with others.

It would be a pleasure to be at your service.

Professional Development Director

Mengxi Shen

To be honest, I have never heard of Rotaract before until my friend Tiffany who is currently the Professional Development Director invited me to the meetings. I’m thrilled to find out Rotaract opens up to so many opportunities, including building professional network, involving in community services and volunteer jobs. I really wished I could have joined the club earlier. I saw the executive election. I thought about it for a second and decided to go for it before it’s too late. I would appreciate if you give me this chance. Being an exec will allow me to get more involved and definitely to contribute more time and effort for Rotaract. I have been the Marketing Director for Chinese Engineering Students’ Association (CESA) for two years. This position developed my communication skills greatly as I promoted events on social media such as Facebook and the Chinese Facebook, as well as running our social media on a daily basis. I’ve spent this school year doing an internship as a logistic intern at Unilever. This job requires me to be organized and multi-tasking. At work I need to collaborate with a lot of people, including each department in the factory and suppliers. Meanwhile I am still doing my marketing for CESA in my spare time which proves I’m good at keeping a balance between my two jobs. I am confident I can do a better job in reaching out to industry people as a result of my practices in communication. This will be a great opportunity for me to gain experiences in event planning. Please vote for me!!! I feel like I rambled on a lot but I am really keen to be a part of Rotaract! Thanks.

 Voting period ends Sunday March 23rd, 2014 at 11:59pm!